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R12.2 Rapid Clone using cold backup

Database Tier

Because this is a cold backup of the database only need to run dbTier and it will do the rest for you. Thanks to Arty for this little jewel.

cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/clone/bin
perl dbTier

Application Tier

Run File System

In R12.2 it has some check on the oraInst file. Make sure its there with the valid locations.

vi /etc/oraInst.loc

Remove the oracle inventory directory that you reference in oraInst. You could deregister or start messing around with the xml file but I found it easier to simply delete the directory.

rm -rf /u03/APPLTEST/oraInventory

Check which is the run file system

grep s_file_edition_type /u03/APPLTEST/TEST/fs1/EBSapps/comn/clone/context/apps/TEST_erpapprod.xml
grep s_file_edition_type /u03/APPLTEST/TEST/fs2/EBSapps/comn/clone/context/apps/TEST_erpapprod.xml

Because this is a snapshot of PROD I have to remove some of the files that aren't required. Oracle suggest's copying the EBSapps but again quicker to mount a snapshot when using Netapp. I first move the files and delete them when the clone is running to save time

export RUNFS=fs1
export PATCHFS=fs2
mv -v ${BASE_FS}/${RUNFS}/FMW_Home ${BASE_FS}/${RUNFS}/FMW_Home_remove
mv -v ${BASE_FS}/${RUNFS}/inst ${BASE_FS}/${RUNFS}/inst_remove
mv -v ${BASE_FS}/${PATCHFS} ${BASE_FS}/${PATCHFS}_remove
mkdir ${BASE_FS}/${PATCHFS}

Configure the run file system

cd ${BASE_FS}/${RUNFS}/EBSapps/comn/clone/bin
perl appsTier

Enter the APPS password :
Enter the Weblogic AdminServer password :
Do you want to add a node (yes/no) [no] :
Target System File Edition type [run] :
Provide the values required for creation of the new APPL_TOP Context file.
Target System Hostname (virtual or normal) [oraaptest] :
Target System Database SID : TEST
Target System Database Server Node [oraaptest] : oradbtest
Target System Database Domain Name [] :
Target System Base Directory : /u03/APPLTEST/TEST
Target System Base Directory set to /u03/APPLTEST/TEST
Target System Current File System Base set to /u03/APPLTEST/TEST/fs2
Target System Other File System Base set to /u03/APPLTEST/TEST/fs1
Target System Fusion Middleware Home set to /u03/APPLTEST/TEST/fs2/FMW_Home
Target System Web Oracle Home set to /u03/APPLTEST/TEST/fs2/FMW_Home/webtier
Target System Appl TOP set to /u03/APPLTEST/TEST/fs2/EBSapps/appl
Target System COMMON TOP set to /u03/APPLTEST/TEST/fs2/EBSapps/comn
Target System Instance Home Directory [/u03/APPLTEST/TEST] :
Target System Instance Top set to /u03/APPLTEST/TEST/fs2/inst/apps/TEST_oraaptest
Do you want to preserve the Display [erpapprod:0.0] (y/n)  : n
Target System Display [oraaptest:0.0] : oraaptest:1.0
Target System Root Service [enabled] :
Target System Web Entry Point Services [enabled] :
Target System Web Application Services [enabled] :
Target System Batch Processing Services [enabled] :
Target System Other Services [disabled] :
Do you want the target system to have the same port values as the source system (y/n) [y] ? : n
Target System Port Pool [0-99] : 20
Checking the port pool 20
done: Port Pool 20 is free
Report file located at /u03/APPLTEST/TEST/fs2/inst/apps/TEST_oraaptest/admin/out/portpool.lst
UTL_FILE_DIR on database tier consists of the following directories.
1. /usr/tmp
Choose a value which will be set as APPLPTMP value on the target node [1] : 1
Do you want to startup the Application Services for TEST? (y/n) [n] : y

Patch File System

Copy run file system to patch file system

cp -r ${BASE_FS}/${RUNFS}/EBSapps ${BASE_FS}/${PATCHFS}

Configure the patch file system

. ${BASE_FS}/EBSapps.env patch
cd ${BASE_FS}/${PATCHFS}/EBSapps/comn/clone/bin
perl appsTier 


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